Satyanand Mukund’s Career and Commitment to Sustainable Development

Satyanand Mukund’s Career and Commitment to Sustainable Development

Satyanand Mukund earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from NIT Jalandhar. He spent only six months working for HCL Infosystems before switching over to Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Over the past eight years, he has worked as a software engineer for TCS Ltd. on a variety of projects in India, Australia, England, and Scotland.

Commitment to Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth

Satyanand has consistently supported inclusive growth. He has previously been worried by the absence of equitable possibilities in fundamental spheres of human growth like education, healthcare, work, and housing. “Having opportunities available across the nation is essential for achieving sustainable development in both urban and rural areas. Can India continue to overlook such widening gaps? There are several instances in history where such circumstances have sparked wars or revolutions that have wreaked widespread harm.”

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Pursuit of the SBI Youth for India Fellowship

This worry led him to leave his job for a year in order to seek the SBI Youth for India Fellowship program. Satya freely admits that from a professional standpoint, the fellowship might not be the greatest decision.  However, he believes that by giving him a greater grasp of our society, this programme would “skill him for life.”

Personal Growth and Development

The proverb “an unexamined life is not worth living” is used by Satya. He always works to challenge his thoughts and deeds, which keeps him receptive to fresh perspectives and difficulties. Through the extensive learning and experiences of this programme, he aspires to develop into a well-rounded individual.