Expertise in Rural Marketing with YouthForIndia

Expertise in Rural Marketing with YouthForIndia

Pruthvi Raj earned his Masters’s degree in forestry and marketing from the University of Agricultural Sciences in Bangalore. He has been with Tata Coffee for three years, living and working on a plantation in Karnataka’s Kodagu area. He is on leave from Tata Coffee for a year to participate in the SBI Youth for India Fellowship programme.

Primary Issue: Lack of Jobs

Pruthvi is seeking to market NTFC (non-timber forest crop) items like honey. He will be focused on natural resource management and rural marketing with the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation. He feels that many of the issues in indigenous regions are caused by a lack of regular jobs. He believes that the growth of NTFC goods would provide a solid platform for tribal inhabitants to earn a living. He offers an example of how honey is grown and processed by tribals at a special school administered by the Tata Trust.

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Secondary Issue: Lack of Access to Technology

Pruthvi would also like to contribute to the transmission of technologies from the “lab to the land.” He would want to see technology have an immediate influence on the end user. This is only feasible if you comprehend all sides of the story.

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