Initiating to Bring Employment Opportunity in Rural Areas

Initiating to Bring Employment Opportunity in Rural Areas

Ankit Walia is an IT engineering graduate with over four years of work experience. Previously, he had worked with Capgemini in Mumbai and on location in Abu Dhabi. His working experience with children with special needs urged him to contribute to society in a larger capacity. It was the moment he decided to join the SBI Youth for India Fellowship programme. On a one-year sabbatical from his company, Ankit hopes to explore and contribute to rural India while understanding the intricacies of traditional life and technology. His larger aim over time is to create employment opportunities in rural areas and bridge the gap between rural and urban India.

Goals and Interests in Rural Development

The thought of functioning in rural areas is quite challenging for him. Moreover, it became a reason for him to join the SBI YFI programme. He was motivated to break the physical and mental barriers he would come across. He simply wants to learn and provide selfless help, which will be his “Karam-bhumi for the upcoming years.

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Ankit will work with MS Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) for the upcoming year. He was all set with the theoretical knowledge of employment opportunities in rural areas he could implement and was eager to implement them practically. Some of the employment opportunities for the rural community are

  1. Manufacturing Handcrafts
  2. Marketing & Selling of Food Items 
  3. Healthcare and Medical Sector
  4. Agriculture Sector
  5. Education Sector 

He is also interested in improving livelihoods, increasing livestock productivity, and using natural technologies to alleviate the problems caused by tsunamis. He has found the orientation programme very interesting, especially the interactive session with Mr. Popatrao Powar, who has completely transformed his village.

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Ankit has not clear about what exactly he will do at the end of the Fellowship. He knows that he is passionate about working for people who need help. He might continue working with the NGOs, plan to start his own NGO, or even join the IAS.