Catalyzing Change in the Energy Mix with a Cluster Development Programme

Catalyzing Change in the Energy Mix with a Cluster Development Programme

Simran Singh Grover graduated from IIT-Delhi with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He previously worked at an off-shore oil company in Dubai. He quit this job to start his own company called Octave Simulations and Services with a few of his batchmates, a firm that provides users with software simulations. Simran heard about the SBI Youth for India Fellowship programme from a friend. He immediately knew that he wanted to apply. “I love my country,” he says with a smile, “and the majority of India is rural. “I hope that I will learn more about my country through the cluster development programme.”

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Simran will be joining Seva Mandir, an NGO that works towards the development of rural and tribal populations in the Udaipur and Rajsamand districts of Rajasthan. His interests are more related to renewable energy and cluster development programmes. Simran sees himself more as an assistant to the dreams of others rather than the creator of dreams. “The dreams are already there; they just need someone to help them”. I’m here to do just that – and hopefully learn along the way.”

Simran finds the SBI Youth for India orientation programme interesting and inspiring. Interacting and learning from people with so much experience in social development work has been very fulfilling for him. He is hoping to learn as much as he can over the next year, which he can later apply to a venture he hopes to start in the renewable energy sector.

Simran is not at all apprehensive about going to rural India. “I’m not scared at all; what makes you do anything in life?!”The pursuit of happiness is the only way to make me happy.”