Embracing the Diversity in Rural Areas: Sourabh’s Vision for a New India

Embracing the Diversity in Rural Areas: Sourabh’s Vision for a New India

Sourabh Potdar, an engineering graduate from Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum, has spent the last two and a half years working as a Senior Engineer (R&D Services) in MindTree Ltd., Bangalore. With a strong belief, which strives to create a better India, Sourabh had been searching for an opportunity to contribute to the country's progress. It was then that he discovered the SBI Youth for India program, a channel through which he could make a meaningful difference. Motivated by his desire to witness the sustainable development of rural villages, Sourabh eagerly joined the program, recognizing the immense diversity of people and cultures that exist every 10 kilometers in rural areas. He firmly believes that this diversity is not only a remarkable experience but also a challenge that must be embraced.

Challenges and Excitement: Embracing the Diversity of Rural India

Sourabh Potdar - diversity in rural areas

Sourabh envisions a clean, healthy, green, and prosperous society in rural India, and he understands that education plays a crucial role in achieving this vision. He dreams of an India with a 100% literacy rate and is eager to understand the challenges faced by rural communities. Through the SBI Youth for India program, he anticipates expanding his limits physically, mentally, and intellectually, enabling personal growth and making him a better person.

Broadening Perspectives through the SBI Youth for India Program

While the prospect of working in rural India may seem daunting, Sourabh is ready to face the challenges head-on. He acknowledges that transitioning from city life to a new environment encompassing diverse cultures, climates, people, and cuisine may require adjustment. However, he is confident that his commitment to the program's cause will help him overcome these challenges and adapt to the rich diversity that rural areas offer.

As for his career path beyond the Fellowship, Sourabh has yet to make any concrete decisions. However, he believes that the Fellowship will provide him with a broader perspective, empowering him to make informed choices for his future endeavors. Through his journey in embracing the diversity of rural areas, Sourabh aims to contribute to the creation of a New India where sustainable development and inclusivity thrive.