Life Skills Training for Youth: A Solution to Stable Income in Kherwada, Rajasthan

Life Skills Training for Youth: A Solution to Stable Income in Kherwada, Rajasthan

How can the skilled youth of Kherwada, Rajasthan find a stable source of income for themselves?​

Siddhant informs us that they are all well-trained in mobile repairing, plumbing, house wiring, tailoring, and more, but lack further information on how to utilize their skills for income generation.

Reena Parmar's Struggle with Low Income

Reena Parmar, a native of Asariwada village in the Kherwada block of Udaipur District, had to quit studying due to family problems at the age of thirteen. However, she did not sit idle and instead joined a three-month tailoring training course earlier this year at Aajeevika Bureau, an organization that deals with skill training for youth.

With the help of the organization, Reena obtained a sewing machine on loan with no interest. However, her current problem is the low income, which amounts to only one hundred rupees per day on the rare days when she has work. This is inadequate considering her skill and knowledge in tailoring, as evidenced by the dresses hanging behind her in the picture.

Currently, Reena wishes to take on bulk orders for stitching or create market linkages to start her own business. However, due to a lack of information and references, she is unable to do so. At the young age of 20, she has a long way to go and much to achieve, but what she needs is a path through which she can showcase her abilities and earn valuable money for herself and her family.

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Common Problem among Kherwada's Skilled Youth

Reena's case is not unique in Kherwada. Many young people, after completing vocational training in fields such as mobile phone repairing, plumbing, motor driving, house wiring, marble and tile fitting, and two-wheeler repairing, are unable to find jobs or start their own businesses due to a lack of information and support from skill training agencies.

Need for an Information Cell

In my opinion, an information cell, where individuals can find information about job vacancies and other business options in their respective fields, is essential in this area and is definitely a pressing need.