Top 8 Jobs After SBI Youth Fellowship Program for Career

Top 8 Jobs After SBI Youth Fellowship Program for Career

State Bank of India’s Youth for India Program is a unique initiative. Given that approximately 65% of India’s population still lives in rural areas spread across thousands of villages, it is easy to see how useful and relevant this program is. But what about the jobs after SBI Youth Fellowship Program? Another query that may enter your mind is how the careers after social work pan out.

In a speech delivered in Mumbai, Barack Obama mentioned how India and the United States should collaborate effectively in the agricultural sector, in addition to manufacturing and infrastructure.

He stated that more jobs and opportunities in the rural sector are needed. Rural incomes have been steadily increasing and will continue to do so, as will people’s aspirations and needs, both young and old.

Almost all companies and businesses are preparing to address the importance of development in the Indian rural sector.

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Organisations in industrial sectors with a direct focus on rural areas fall into several categories, which are as follows:

  1. Agri Inputs: Fertilisers, seeds, pesticides, farm equipment, modern irrigation methods etc.
  2. FMCG and consumer, durables: Encompasses very diverse businesses starting from apparels, footwear, hygiene products, drinks and beverages, confectionery, electronic consumer items etc.
  3. Transport: Automobiles, trucks, two-wheelers
  4. Communication: Telecom services, mobile sets
  5. IT: Hardware and software, web-based services
  6. Education and publication: Schools, colleges, vocational institutes, etc.
  7. Retail
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, clinics, retail of medicines, insurance services
  • Banking: Retail banking

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There are a host of other businesses but the above would be the most important where immediate growth is inevitable and this can be a great opportunity for our fellows to apply for a job after SBI Youth Fellowship.

– Ravi Bhatia, Managing Director, Gilbert Tweed Associates